“Naturally Healthy Pet” is an additive-free/natural pet food brand focusing on the healthy life of pets.

U.K. International Co., Ltd. has been specializing in producing additive-free pet food for more than 10 years in Japan, and this “Naturally Healthy Pet” brand is our own brand.

The main raw ingredients we use are horse meat, kangaroo meat and shark meat (blue shark), which are considered as healthy meat ingredients for pets, and we manufacture jerky items made from 100% raw ingredients without using any additives in our own factory.

In addition, we also handle horse meat retort, frozen minced/diced horse meat and freeze-dried fermented soybeans products. These products are also additive/water-free, and made from 100% raw ingredients.

Each ingredient is strictly selected, and we only use high quality and safe ingredients for pets’ health as follows.

1)Horse meat

We use horse meat ingredients imported for human consumption from Mexico, Uruguay, and Belgium. These ingredients are not from fattened horses but from naturally grown horses, thus they have specific features:

Less fat and high ratio of protein, compared with fattened horse meat. Among EU countries such as Germany, France, and Belgium, horse meat is a well-known pet food ingredient mainly because of its nutritional merit for pets.

Less fat in the raw ingredient greatly reduces the risk of dried jerky getting moldy. This would also differ depending on the circumstance including the climate and storage environment at home.

Harmful chemicals such as growth-promoting hormone drugs and antibiotics have never been detected in these horse meat ingredients at the inspections in the meat production factory and also in Japan. This fact shows that our ingredients are safe for pets.

2)Kangaroo meat

We import Australian kangaroo meat distributed for human consumption for steak and other dishes, specifically for pet food. Like horse meat, the ingredients are from naturally grown kangaroo and contains high ratio of protein and less fat, and are suitable for high quality pet food.

3)Shark Meat (Blue shark)

Blue shark is used as the ingredient for shark’s fin and its cartilage is known as the ingredient for Chinese medicine and supplement. As local foods in Japan, blue shark meat is used for dishes such as kamaboko and deep fried fish. Shark meat is also high protein, low fat and delicious. We buy the raw ingredients from the ports including the famous Kesen-numa port in Northern Japan and process them into pet food.

4)Fermented soybeans

We freeze-dry the fermented soybeans made only from non-genetically modified soybeans. This item is good for pet owners who are interested in feeding something with vegetable protein as well as animal protein. Dogs especially like the flavor of fermented soybeans, so it is recommended as a topping for dog food.

We provide various kinds of products using the ingredients above. Please see the item list page for the product photos. We also provide the products made from pork and chicken. Please send us an email if you need a catalog in English.


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