Product list

Here are the photos of  our main products. We manufacture all items made from 100% raw ingredients without using any additives.

– Dried Horse Meat/Offal products

1) Horse meat products

2) Horse offal products

3) Horse tendon products

– Horse Meat retort products

– Frozen Horse Meat products

– Dried Kangaroo Meat products

– Dried Blue Shark Meat products

– Freeze-dry natto(fermented soybeans) products

*in preparation

– The other products

We also have other products for each type of Elder/Young, Bigger size/Smaller size dogs & cats beside above items. Some products are available only for customers selling pet foods under the supervision of the Vet or medical professionals. English catalog is available. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us by email or use the contact form.

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